Accommodation on Siding Spring Mountain

Due to the bush fire at Siding Spring Observatory and the destruction of the Lodge, this facility is no longer available for visiting observers. Instead, the ANU has set up alternative accommodation.

Please continue to use the Observer Travel Notification Form.

Upon your Arrival at Siding Spring

After arriving at Siding Spring, you'll probably want to first locate where you are staying. Most visitors now stay in Bingar Cottage or in House 3. You can park your car out the front of either place.

If you had filled out the Observer Travel Notification Form, then we will know that you are coming and your name will be on one of the doors.  

After you have settled in, head over to the ANU adminstration builing. In the entrance foyer, there is a sign in sheet. Please sign in. This sheet is used to know who is on the mountain in case of an emergency. Don't forget to sign out when you leave the mountain.

Once you have signed in, head over to the AAT building. Enter through the first set of glass doors and use the phone to contact your support astronomer. Your support astronomer will take you to the 1st floor, where you will be shown where your desk is. You will be given a flash light and a letter from the AAO with additional information. 

If you have asked the AAO to cover your travel and accommodations costs (Australian based astronomers only), then you do not need to pay the ANU for your stay. The AAO will do that for you. Those not receiving support from the AAO to cover their accommodation costs need to settle their accounts with ANU administration.

Here is some additional information on what to expect when you travel to site has been provided by the ANU. 

Accommodation Costs

Accommodation: $55 per room

Dinner: $16.50

Night Lunch $11

Small meals can be bought at the Exploratory. A self-serve cereal breakfast is available in the common kitchen area of the temporary lodge.

Sunday Access

On Sundays, the gate at the bottom of the mountain is often locked with a padlock. If you are arriving (or leaving) on a Sunday, you'll need the combination. Your support astronomer can give it to you.