Distinguished visitor scheme - 2011-2012

  • Professor Bon-Chul Koo (link is external), (Seoul National University), visiting March-May 2012. Prof. Koo (link sends e-mail) (hosted by Andrew Hopkins) worked with AAO staff on supernova remnants and luminous blue variable stars in the Milky Way and the Large Magellanic Cloud, using data from the IRIS2 instrument on the AAT.
  • Dr Francesca Primas, (ESO), visiting June-July 2012.
    Dr Primas (fprimas - @ - eso.org; hosted by Gayandhi De Silva) will be working with AAO staff on understanding stellar chemical abundances and their impact on planet formation within the Milky Way, using high resolution optical spectroscopy.
  • Associate Professor Christopher Stockdale (link is external), (Marquette University), visiting March-June 2012.
    A. Prof. Stockdale (link sends e-mail) (hosted by Stuart Ryder) worked with AAO staff on monitoring and understanding the origins of supernovae using observations from Gemini and ATCA.