What's on tonight at the AAT

The OzDES survey: dissecting dark energy with novel combinations of deep imaging and spectroscopy

Nick Seymour (Australia Telescope National Facility)

The key goal of observational cosmology for the coming decade is to understand the physics of the accelerating Universe. A non-zero cosmological constant is just one of a long list of competing models that have been put forward as a possible explanation. Tonight, we are measuring thousands of galaxy redshifts with the AAOmega spectrograph on the AAT. These and the many hundreds of thousands of other redshifts that will be collected with the AAT will be used to test these models. Although we do not yet know which of these models, if any, will survive as we collect data with the AAT, it is certain that in our effort to understand dark energy our understanding of the nature of space-time, gravity and the quantum vacuum will change profoundly.